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2018-19 Learn to Skate Program Information

Welcome to the Learn to Skate Program Registration with Big Bear Ice Arena.

Big Bear Ice Arena is offering 5 Learn to Skate classes for the 2018-19 season. Each class will consist of 8 weekly 30 minute sessions and are open to ages 3-18 There are four weekly days to choose from: Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Class start and end dates are as follows. Class 1: August 13-October 7, 2018. Class 2: October 8-December 3, 2018. Class 3: December 9, 2018-February 4, 2019. Class 4: February 1-April 1, 2019. Class 5: March 31-May 27, 2018.

Learn to Skate level information:

Snowplow Sam 1 (Ages 3-5): Stand and sit with skates on, stand up on ice, march in place, march forward, 2-foot glide, dip in place 

Snowplow Sam 2 (Ages 3-5): March and glide; moving dip; backward wiggles; 2-foot swizzles; rocking horse; 2-foot hop

Snowplow Sam 3 (Ages 3-5): Forward Skating; 1-foot glide; Forward swizzles; backward swizzles; snowplow stop; curves

Basic 1 (Ages 6-13): Sit on ice and stand up, forward marches; 2-foot glide; dip; forward swizzles; backward wiggles; snowplow stop; 2-foot hop, rocking horse

Basic 2 (Ages 6-13): 1-foot glide; backward 2 foot glide; backward swizzles; 2-foot turn, moving snowplow stop, alternating swizzles

Basic 3 (Ages 6-13): Forward stroking; ½ swizzle pumps; forward to backward 2-foot turn; backward 1-foot glide; forward slalom; 2-foot spin

Basic 4-8 (Ages 6-18): Edges, turns, stops, spins, and more


This registration will allow you to submit Contact Information, Skater Intentions and to Sign Consents.  To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Checking account information available.

Questions can be directed to:

Lisa Neal


Val Larchenko